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Legal consultation, Company registration and Investment

Legal consultation, Company registration and Investment

– Consultation with experienced and insightful team of of Turk legal experts/lawyers with extensive exposure to all legal matters and different types of methods for investment – Guarantee Return on Investment – Providing end-to-end assistant for company and franchise registration

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Administrative work services

Administrative work services

We provide support and guide you through each stage of immigration, including opening a bank account, residential related matters, obtaining license, paperwork translation, ….

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about me

ArzEv Group has started its activities in 2015 in the field of construction of residential and villa projects, independent real estate, property sales, consulting and investment, obtaining a residence and passport in Turkey and company registration. This group, having Turkish lawyers as well as experienced and specialized experts and consultants, is proud to provide you with all immigration and investment matters with knowledge of market information. Our team aims to accompany you in the shortest time and with the lowest costs in the migration and investment process with unique consulting... read more ...

Our collection has four sections:

• Property Purchase and Rental Department

• Department of construction of residential and villa units

• Department of Immigration, Citizenship and Residence in Turkey

• Social media, content production, design and imaging

Our goal is to have healthy growth as a provider of the highest level of service among our customers, as well as to consider the interests of buyers and guide them to achieve greater profits.

• Providing property pre-sale and property purchase services

• Investment advice and tracking customer profiles

• Legal support at all administrative stages

• after sales services

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